The first ever vehicle built specifically for carpooling

Designed to maximise range, connectivity and passenger comfort at the lowest cost possible. The all-electric Spiri revolutionises urban travel. Getting around your city is now incredibly affordable, or even free.


What would a city car look like if we started with a clean slate?

Bringing Spiri to life is a dream come true for our engineers. The vehicle is tailor made for on-demand urban carpooling. To achieve that, our engineers were asked to rethink normal car design conventions whilst keeping our key design principles in the back

of their mind. We have innovated in key areas like connectivity, seat placement, wheel position, door size and legroom. The result is a safe, comfortable and ultra low-cost vehicle tailor made for carpooling.


Introducing Spiri v0.1

Prototype today, your go-to urban vehicle tomorrow

We are proud to present Spiri's first prototype. The radical design comes from experimenting with the placement of the front wheels. This first prototype is not our final design;

It’s a mobile laboratory and allows us to tweak the fundamental vehicle layout and perfect the handling, legroom, battery range and safety before we decide on the final design.

Less is more

Less complexity and fewer parts enable cost savings that we pass on to you.

700 car parts, as opposed to 3000+ of a conventional car.

Weights only an incredible 750 kgs


Travel in a carbon fibre safety cell

Incorporating the best of aerospace engineering.

Entire bodywork is built from carbon fibre, 4x stronger than steel

Highest L-vehicle safety standards.


Never worry about a flat battery

Say hello to long battery cycles and lightning-fast charging times.

200-mile / 320 km range with only a 36.5 kWh battery. That’s almost twice the efficiency of the Tesla Model S.

40 minutes for a full battery charge thanks to supercharging capability, even though your Spiri will always be charged and ready to go.


Find a Spiri at a tap of a button

Connectivity means never worrying about maintenance, battery charge or being lost - we take care of that.

Super accurate turn-by-turn navigation, even in dense urban environments.

Unlock and start the Spiri straight from your phone. No keys required.

Live support thanks to remote vehicle monitoring.


Comfortable journey for everyone

Designed for all passengers, not just the driver.

Wide doors for easy entry and exit and more legroom than a Mercedes S-Class.

Enough space to fit in everyone’s belongings.

Seats big enough to comfortably share a ride without sharing your personal space.