Drive or ride, it’s your choice

Spiri makes on-demand transport an everyday reality for everyone.

Using the service is so affordable you can use it at any time, whether you’re going to work or running an errand. At the tap of a button, drive a Spiri to your destination or request one to pick you up.


Pick up a Spiri for free and drive to your destination. Share the ride with passengers going the same way.

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Enter your destination in the app and we'll show you where to pick up the nearest Spiri.

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We automatically match you with people going the same way. Pickups and drop offs happen at designated spots along your route and only adds a few minutes to your journey. Read more about the Spiri vehicle here.

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We direct you to the nearest Spiri parking hub.

Share a ride with someone going your direction and get amazing transport for the price of a bus ticket.

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Set your pick up location and destination and tap request. We match you with a Spiri driver going the same way as you.

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Hop in

The Spiri arrives within minutes on a nearby street, which is the virtual bus stop that Spiri creates as the meeting point between you and your driver. That way we minimize the duration of everyone’s ride, including your own.

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Hop out

Payment happens automatically with your credit card registered in the Spiri app. Passengers pay the equivalent price of a bus ticket.

Why you'll love Spiri

Super affordable

Drive for free, ride for the price of a bus ticket. Mobility without burdens.

Community driven

Everyone that uses Spiri helps drive down the price of transportation.

Smart routes

Transport at the tap of a button, when and where you need it.

Some of the things people ask about


Your safety is the highest priority for us which means all potential Spiri drivers go through a rigorous vetting process. Additionally drivers and riders rate each other at the end of each trip, making sure the Spiri community is always made up of great people who want to help each other share rides.

Pick up points

Passengers catching a ride meet drivers at virtual bus stops. These are never more than a few minutes walk away, and are located on drivers’ routes. This makes everyone’s journey time shorter. Track your ride in the app to see when and where you hop on your ride.


Driving a Spiri is always free when you share your ride with others going the same way. If there’s no one on your route, it’s still free!

Passengers pay public transport prices and enjoy amazing and comfortable transport.

Spiri hubs

Spiris are picked up and dropped off in Spiri hubs - areas dotted around the city that offer dedicated parking spaces and charging pods. This means you know exactly where the car is, and best of all, you never have to worry about parking or charging.