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At Spiri, we’re ready to roll out our on-demand carpooling service this year. This is the first step towards building our user base and forming city partnerships before we roll out our fully autonomous micro buses. Leave your contact details and we’ll be in touch with more information on investment opportunities and strategic partnerships.


Our vision:

First, on-demand carpooling, then autonomous micro buses

Spiri is building an end-to-end platform fit for the future of urban transportation. The platform incorporates cloud-based, on-demand transportation software which connects to a purpose-built, connected electric vehicle. Those two components are designed to work seamlessly for on-demand carpooling and incorporate autonomous driving capabilities. Our long term goal is to deploy fleets of autonomous micro buses in urban areas.

In phase one, we will launch a new mode of transport - “on-demand carpooling”. It combines the convenience of ridesharing services, with the affordability of public transport. Users will be able to drive the Spiri Vehicle for free, and passengers will pay the equivalent price of public transport. By matching travelers with other users, we eliminate the professional driver from the cost-equation.

Spiri is working towards a future where the majority of motorized transport within cities will be served by autonomous vehicles, operated in large fleets, and shared by citizens. In phase two, we will gradually introduce self-driving capabilities and expect to make significant progress thanks to in-house technology, paired to our fleet rollout approach.

Full software and hardware tech stack built for the future of mobility

We believe that in order to truly shape and transform the urban mass-transport market, we need to address the entire value chain. The transformation of urban transportation will effectively be delivered by players who can address issues across areas such as technology development, business models, vehicle types, city planning and consumer behavior.

On-demand transportation platform

Developed leveraging five years of experience in urban, on-demand transportation and deep customer insights, the platform is deployed in numerous cities by taxi and private-hire companies and runs 24/7.

Vehicle prototyping and embedded software

Spiri is prototyping a vehicle, purpose-built for urban transport, that seats a total of four people and stands out with best-in-class ridesharing and carsharing features.

Autonomous driving: Developing a platform for AD

Our Autonomous Driving efforts are developed in close partnership with leading Tier 1 suppliers as well as through deploying our own internal proprietary software and components.

Leave your contact details and we’ll be in touch with more information on investment opportunities and strategic partnerships.


An experienced team that delivers

We’ve got five years of on-demand experience, seven years of building real ADAS and AD electronics, and a senior vehicle development team in place.

and commercial

Cloud connected
automotive engineering


AD research
and development

Non-Executive Board Members

Former CPO & VP
supply chain, Tesla

Founder. Unity Technologies

Investor, former
CEO Podio