Now you can drive for free

Launching in 2017: drive our revolutionary electric vehicle for free; or catch a ride at public transport prices. All from a single app.


Pick up a Spiri for free and drive to your destination. Share the ride with passengers going the same way.

- OR -

Share a ride with someone going your direction and get amazing transport for the price of a bus ticket.


Launching in 2017

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Our mission: amazing transport for everyone

Safe, electric, low cost, and self driving

We are working towards a future where door-to-door urban transportation is affordable for everyone, without the need to own a car. The first step is the Spiri launch in 2017.

“Electric vehicles need to be lighter and shared, not owned. Our vehicle consumes 50% less energy compared to a normal car. This lowers congestion, helps the environment, and makes travel incredibly affordable.”

Spiri Board member
and Investor

Founder at Unity Technologies

“Car ownership is rapidly proving to be an outdated concept. Cars sit unused 95% of the time and come with high ownership costs. Spiri eliminates the need to ever own a car again.”

Spiri Co-founder & Board member

“We’ve developed a fully connected, low-cost electric vehicle, that will bridge the gap between the present and autonomous driving, and give users exceptionally low travel cost on a mass scale.”

Spiri Board Member

Previousely Tesla VP supply chain